Turkey's Ancient Mosaics

by Sezars Consulting on Jun 30, 2020

Turkey's Ancient Mosaics


Mosaic is the art of creating patterns and images with small, three-dimension, colored and uneven pieces of glass, pottery or stone.

All around Anatolia, it is possible to come across the most beautiful examples of mosaic art made of fragments of tiles and pottery which, in history, was first applied by the Sumerians 5000 years ago.


The unique mosaics from the Roman and Byzantine Empires, which survived the historical events and natural disasters, are today on display in major museums of Turkey.

In addition to the ancient and Byzantine mosaics, Anatolian is also embellished by the mosaics pertinent to the Islamic era. Islamic architecture used mosaic technique to decorate mosques and palaces since the Arabs conquered the eastern provinces of the Byzantine Empire in the 7th century.

Mosaic Museums in Turkey