About Us


Mosaic Age is a home décor brand, located in Los Angeles, California. As a home décor brand, we believe that everything you put in a room contributes more or less to the ambiance inside, but lighting is an often overlooked part of the homes. Our mission is to present Turkish Mosaic Lamps as a stylish decoration option to create the right ambiance in your homes.

The right ambiance in your home nurtures and supports you. We aim to bring an elegant look and the right ambiance to your homes with handcrafted Turkish Mosaic Lamps. Our unique mosaic lamps are beautiful instruments to enrich your home with elegance and add depth to your living space, even when they're turned off. With a soft glow, these lamps can be used to give a cozy feel to your living room, dining room, bedroom, or your home library.

All of our lamps are produced solely by hand and, they all have a distinctive mosaic pattern, colors, even designs on the lampshade. The figures and patterns on the lamp globes are made with glass pearls which are called mosaics. To have great endurance and durability, plaster is used to stick these mosaics to the globe.

To enhance your home aesthetics, give your home a cozier vibe, or surprise your loved ones with a beautiful and unique home décor item, you can take a look at our Chandelier, Floor, and Table Mosaic Lamp Collections, or you can browse our products to find the most suitable mosaic lamps for you.
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Phone: (562) 784-4142
Email: hello@mosaicage.com